Keeping Life on the High Street

Who fancies a spot of late night shopping?
We are keeping the doors open at our Neath Valley Wools and cross stitch High Street Store open until 9pm on Thursday 18th July.
Ideal for getting your stash or new needlework project before you go on holiday 😁

Every day on the radio we are hearing of retail chains having huge financial losses or even closing down. When all you see on the high street are charity shops or closing down sales you know there is a problem.

Where does the blame lie. Well lets be honest, with us ! We are buying on line because it is quick and cheap and saves us having to go into town to shop. At the moment there are free returns and so you see people going into the post office sending back the dress they bought and decided they did not like. That cannot continue. The only reason it can happen now is because the cost to the supplier is so low, ergo the items are generally low quality to begin with.

Brexit matters of course. There is uncertainty and people are losing jobs. I am distrustful of the figures for employment we are being fed, and also the inflation data. My wallet seems to have less in it every month. In general the high street feels poorer and emptier, with less shops and less folks prepared to visit.

Our high street in Glynneath is trying to buck the trend. There have been new shops opened, notably the delicatessen across the road from our own shop, there is a new clothing shop and a flower shop. What’s more people are investing in the appearance of the village. This is in no small part thanks to our new Mayor Simon Knoyle who has galvanised our community to take an interest and to take responsibility.

We are lucky in the Neath Valley. We have wonderful scenery with our hills, valleys and waterfalls. Indeed Glynneath is the “Gateway to Waterfall Country”. We have some wonderful pubs, restaurants and cafe’s. Most importantly we have wonderful people who care about our community and keeping the spirit of the Valley vibrant and happy.

Glynneath and Cwmgwrach, Pontwalby and Pontneathvaughan is a thriving community and an exciting place to be, even in these uncertain times.

Of course I cannot go without plugging our own shop, Neath Valley Wools and Neath Valley Cross stitch. We have had a great response since we opened on Glynneath High Street, with customers from far and wide.

Our business was built on the success of our on-line store Smallscrafts. We have our workshops which are well supported (on the 14th September we have a workshop on Sock Knitting – find out more here). We have a monthly knit and natter on the first Tuesday of the month between 7pm and 9pm. And we are always looking to do more, be it working together with our local training centre or to introducing more workshops and crafting groups at our 75 High Street shop.

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Our shop has been nominated for the’ best local yarn shop in Wales 2019′ Voting is open now.
A big Thank you to everyone who votes for us,

Lets keep bucking the trend. Keep the High Street alive, visit the shops and support your community. The #spend£5 campaign where we buy something in our local shops once a month helps to keep the high street in business.

And finally a big thank you to all of our customers both local and those from further afield.

Janet July 2019.

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